Who is Tower Education Technologies?

Tower Education Technologies was founded with the sole focus of serving higher education institutions. Tower was born from our fundamental understanding of higher education; as institutions for the advancement of education for societal good and businesses.

Our people are experts in the fields of higher education and technology, having developed unique and intuitive solutions to make the business of attracting, retaining, and managing students simple, affordable, and efficient.


OUR mission

Building innovative technology to empower higher education.

OUR vision

Enable educational opportunities for all through inspired, best-in-class technology.

OUR values


We conduct ourselves honestly, ethically, and demonstrate strong moral principles.


We exemplify our mission and vision to serve our global community.


We innovate and invest in student mobility and enablement to make our clients stronger.


We develop easy-to-use technology because no solution should be more complex than the problem.


We evoke curiosity and creativity to identify and solve challenges differently.