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That’s empowered by Tower.

inspired by tower

We’ve gone native. Natively combined, that is. Say goodbye to disparate systems. Clunky integrations. Staff headaches. Say hello to a single platform that combines SIS, CRM, LMS, and professional engagement.

Students own their academic journey. Faculty foster innovative learning. Administrators control the institution’s trajectory. This is InspirED technology.

Go throw that aspirin bottle away. Join our tribe today.

ConnectED by tower

Everybody loves a good road trip. The fun. The adventure. The satisfaction of doing something new. But no one likes getting lost along the way. This is how your students feel about pursuing their education.

ConnectED is your students’ GPS. No guessing what courses to take. No missing internships required to graduate. Help your students complete their studies on time. Land a well-paying job. Move out of their parents’ basement.

It’s ConnectED. It’s a SIS. Without all the baggage.

Blended by tower

Houston, we have a problem. No system should force you to toggle between your SIS and LMS. Maintain costly integrations. Or make it difficult to assess learning success. Teaching online and on-ground courses should be as innovative and desired as astronaut ice cream.

Break barriers to advance your education delivery. Engage your students in learning. Equip faculty with one intuitive tool.

Modernize your teaching and learning. It’s not rocket science. It’s BlendED.

CollaboratED by tower

Life is full of firsts. First job. First passport. First slushie brain freeze. And we’re the first to develop a professional engagement platform (PEP) for educators.

With CollaboratED, you’re part of a global education community. Team up for international research. Develop and teach courses together. Co-author scholarly articles. Land a visiting professorship.

CollaboratED. It’s like traveling the globe. Without the security pat down.