Support Services


Waiting for your ride is a drag. So is waiting for the system to be upgraded. Rather than leave you hanging, we schedule your upgrades during non-business hours. We don’t mess with your time or your productivity.


Help Desk & Support

In a bind and need help? Our team of Support Ninjas have expert knowledge of our platform to address your issues and get you back in the game.

Managed IT Services

It’s not enough to win a silver medal in floor exercises anymore, you need the all-around gold medalist on your team. Oh wait, they just retired? No worries. Managed Services provides you with virtual employees, from SAs and DBAs, to workflow designers and report writers. So take your place on that podium, you hero, you.


cloud Services / Hosting

Our cloud-based, fully hosted platform is designed to provide easy access to your solutions, scale during peak performance periods, and negate the need to purchase expensive hardware. You focus on your students, and we’ll focus on the technology. We like having our head in the clouds.


We guard your data like Fort Knox. From ISO to OWASP standards, consider us your personal Secret Service detail.


Backup / Disaster Recovery

Disasters come in all shapes and sizes. Catastrophic weather, zombies rising, apocalyptic haircuts. Breathe easily. Business continuity and data resiliency are our thing. We’ll have you up and running again before you can say “sesquipedalian.”

Reach out To Us

Let’s chat about how we can work together to support your institution’s vision and mission. We’re good listeners.